Saturday, January 31, 2009

I spy "silhouette"

You'd think that I spy "urban" would be really easy considering Tokyo is the largest city in the world. Trying to capture "urban" in a not-so-obvious way was the challenge. After a lot of exploring through the viewfinder, I decided that "urban" as I see it, is the regular, mundane scene in a city- people waiting at traffic lights, riding subways, etc.

The idea of a city is fascinating. We think of a city as a cohesive unit, though upon closer inspection, it is constantly breathing: people come and go, what we think are permanent establishments can suddenly disappear, and money flows ubiquitously. People are drawn to a city for different reasons. The individuals and their thoughts, hopes, and dreams combined together create this larger entity we call a city. At the same time, everyone struggles to carve out their own lives and spaces to make it their own. I'm loving living in the Tokyo I've created and I'm thankful to be part of this awesome project!

If Tokyo is urban, then Jordan is desert. Have fun, Janelle: I spy silhouette!