Friday, November 20, 2009

I spy "urban"

I'm only the sixth person in the row and it seems to be the same dilemma for everyone. The camera was with me longer than expected. I'm really sorry about that!

Oh Stacey, what a challenge you sent me... Geometry. Geometry. Geometry. I couldn't find the inspiration.
When I take pictures, I like to capture people's emotions and expressions... or a personal feeling. But geometry was something completely new for me. Geometry means for me lines and squares. That's something I never pay attention to when I am photographing (not always a good thing, I know).
Anyway, every time I was walking in Sydney within the last weeks, I tried to see the lines and geometry of the city. Today, I finally took my shot. I am not 100% satisfied but I can't change it now... However I'm glad I took up the challenge :)

By the way, thank you Jen for this initiative! This project may last longer than expected if everyone is going to be as slow as I was to take one single picture (again, sorry about that!), but I'm sure all of us will be facing a challenge, which is really good for a photographer.

The picture of the camera above was taken in my neighbourhood. I just love to see this sign on the floor.

So it's your turn Paulette, I spy "urban"...