Friday, April 24, 2009

How it Works

Participants sign up to receive the camera. When you receive the box, follow these instructions:

1. When you receive the camera please email me so I can update the blog of its current location. I will then email you the address to which you are to send the camera once you have taken your photo.

2. The previous blog entry will end with “I Spy…”. This is where your creativeness comes in. Interpret it in any way you choose. Once you do, find something to photograph that fits the description.
- Wind/advance the film just before taking the photograph, NOT after you take the shot (this will avoid an accidental photo being taken).
- Choose good weather for the time of you photo. After all, this is just a disposable camera.
- Try your best to complete the task within a week.
**when choosing your photo content, please be considerate to the other participants by not including any questionable material. Lets keep it clean, people!

3. Use the blog to record your experience. Include information about the photograph: where it was taken, date and time, etc. Also, feel free to include any other information about yourself that would like to share with the rest of the team: thoughts, favorite part of the day, something overheard, poem/lyrics, sketch, etc. At the end of your entry, please add “I Spy (fill in the blank)”. Pick something that is present in your photograph as well (see my example below).

I will take the first photo. Let’s assume for example purposes that image #1 above is the photo I take. At the end of my journal entry I might write, “I Spy blue”.

The second person will need to include the color blue in their photo, see image #2.
The second entry might end with, “I Spy depth of field”.

The third person will need to include depth of field in their photo (although I’m not sure what the aperture is for a disposable camera and if depth of field is an option, but for example purposes...), see image #3. The third entry might end with, “I Spy a man”.

Fourth photo will need to include a man, #4. The forth entry might end with, “I Spy lines".

Fifth photo will need to include lines, so on and so on…

The last entry will have no “I Spy…”.

By using mutual descriptions, we will be creating a link between each photo and end with a chain of connecting photos.

4. Before taping up the package to mail to the next person, take a photo of THE camera with your own. Choose somewhere descriptive to your location: street, favorite bookshop, monument, home, etc. Post the photo with your blog entry so we can all follow its journey.

5. When shipping, try to use the same box. Please use registered mail that provides tracking information. Pass along all tracking info so that I can keep an eye on its travels and can locate it if it gets lost.

In the end I plan on joining the images from the camera with the corresponding blog entry to display side by side. Have fun!