Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i spy "instant"

I am so bad...I admit this poor little traveling camera has been with me for more than a week. And it wasn't hard to get a shot of David's "industry." It's just three children, during the summer, can wreak havoc on simple projects. Throw in some grandparents to the mix and now I am catching up. So I apologize ahead of time Heather!

Summer is such a great time for the word "instant." It can mean a multitude of different things. And create lovely pictures too. This little traveling camera was taken in front of a place I love to visit everyday, to see what summer has provided for us: our vegetable garden.

So it's onto you Heather: I spy "instant."

Monday, July 6, 2009

i spy "industry"

firstly, an apology. the camera has travelled around with me for many more than the one week suggested time limit. not a good start, i know!

in my defense, "solitude" was a tough one for me. my normal diet of signs and cars and other images of americana just didn't seem to suit the brief. nor, frankly, did the camera. one shot? with a disposable 35mm camera? not even a crummy holga or diana with which to hide the obvious flaws in my technique? and solitude? in desperation, i went for a drive around columbus in search of inspiration and finally, over a month down the line, i found my shot. even now it still doesn't seem to me to quite fit the subject and i'm sure that it'll be awful but, phew, my task is complete :-)

oh...this shot? i took this outside a shop in columbus this morning; a mural that certainly brightens up an extremely dull wall.

so, it's over to you now, jen; i spy "industry".