Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Spy "solitude"

As I mentioned, this is the second time I’ve started a traveling camera. The first had similar guidelines but they didn’t set it up for success. The camera was being mailed secretly to a friend living far away. Being surprised by receiving the box was supposed to be large part of the experience. It was lost, then found and then lost again after making 5 trips. I think having you all signed up and enthusiastic about the project will improve the chance of it’s completion. Another difference between the two is that the package contained flashcards that served as clues for what your photo should include. I think by playing “I spy…” it creates a dialog between us all and is more true to being a collaboration.

I carried the camera around for about two weeks. I think because I spent so such time scrutinizing the set up that when it came time for me to take a photo without a clue I stumbled a bit and almost needed some structure. Many times I checked through its viewfinder but just kept walking. Then I relaxed and finally took a photo. I was about 2.5’ away from what I photographed. I guess that having been in my purse and being shifted around, the flash bottom was pressed. It triggered when I took my photo so it’s likely to be completely blown out because of the short distance. So that might be something you want to be aware of. And a reminder: I did not advance the film to prevent an accidental exposure.

My photo was taken on my walk home from the train, at 6pm on 5/25. When it caught my attention it initially made me think of seasons. I’m from Texas and we only have two seasons in my opinion there- summer for 6 months and then a combination of fall and spring. Moving to New York in 2005 introduced me to four well-defined seasons. I don’t have a favorite as they each offer their own uniqueness and activities, especially the changing natural light.

Texture is the major theme in my photo. It has been a constant theme in my photography where I document it and in three-dimensional work by creating it. Texture is mostly experienced through touch but is it visual as well. I often find myself drawn to detail images of texture, where it can send your eyes moving through the picture but at the same time offer simplicity. Hopefully the flash doesn’t make it a complete disaster and wash it out.

The photo of the camera here was taken around the corner from my office in midtown Manhattan. The camera is leaving today from New York and headed to Columbus, OH. David, I spy solitude.


  1. solitude? ummm, thanks :-)

    well, i look forward to receiving the camera and will see what i can do!!

  2. I think you will do great. Especailly now that I think about some of you photography...your lone buildings and objects. Have fun!